Reception - Home Learning

Here is where you can access resources for Reception

Below is the work for your child's home learning - week beginning 18th May 

The first document outlines tasks to complete for each day. Each day you will be asked to complete 1 maths activity, 1 literacy activity, 1 phonics activity, 30 minutes of physical activity and then you can choose the fourth activity from the grid on the second page. 

Please check the blog every day because I will post the phonics learning on there each morning. I will be focussing on phase 3. 

You can access the blog via this link: 

The second document (additional home learning ideas) is not compulsory. Please do not worry if you do not do these acivities. This document is there in case you need any extra work or time fillers to keep the children busy at home.

There are 5 addional documents this week: 

'2D Shape Poster' - This will support the maths learning this week. I have added extra shapes which are not specifically covered in the maths sessions because I know some children take a keen interest in shape and would enjoy looking at other shapes not covered in this weeks learning.
'Parts of a Snail' - This is to support the Literacy session on Thursday. This can be printed or recreated at home. 
'RE Lesson' - Please use this attachment to support the RE learning this week. 
'Alexander Calder' - This is the artist study for the week. 
'Fizzling Flynn's Science Experiment' - this is the science experiment for this week. Please check the home pack for a link to support this learning. 

Remember, if some days the learning does not go to plan, please do not worry. Take time to have fun and get outdoors to spend time with your family. 

Please remember to keep updating me with your work either via the blog or by email. If you need support with anything then please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Keep safe,

Miss Soutar  





Home Learning Pack Summer Week 5


Additional Home Learning Ideas


2D Shape Poster


Parts of a Snail


RE Lesson


Alexander Calder


Fizzling Flynn's Science Experiment