Attainment and Progress Data

We are very pleased with our end of year results 2017-18 and this is testimony to all the hard work put in by children, parents and staff.


At the end of key stage 2 we have performed above national averages in each of reading, writing, mathematics, spelling and grammar for the past 3 years in both attainment and progress. 

Progress data at the end of KS2 for this academic year is +0.5 in reading, +1.6 in writing and  +0.3 in mathematics.

At the end of KS1, we have performed at least in line with and oftern better than national averages in each of reading, writing and mathematics for the past 3 years.

Our phonics data shows a decline on the previous 2 years, but progress for these children is strong.

The percentage of children reaching a good level of development at the end of the Early Years Foundation Stage is 67% which is slightly below national average. However, the children in EYFS make accelerated progress from their starting points.

Please see the attached document for more detailed information

End of Year Data 2017-2018