Reception Class - Miss Soutar

Reception Class - Miss Soutar

Welcome to our class page. Our first priority this term is to help your child settle happily into class. We will decide on our own rules and talk about ways to follow them. The children will join in lots of songs and games to encourage them to become part of a ‘team’.



LiteracyWe will read traditional tales and explore the characters and story plots.  We will also look at some non-fiction books about Autumn.We are starting phase 2 phonics and children will have a daily taught input. Please check your child's book bag for their bear words!  We will provide opportunities for writing both indoors and out of doors. If there is anything in particular your child is interested in (for example a specific superhero), then please do let us know - we try our best to put child initiated writing materials to inspire them. 

MathematicsThis year in Reception we are starting the maths mastery scheme 'Number Sense'. It is an extremely exciting opportunity and it allows children to learn a range of skills to deepen their learning of mathmatical concepts. 

Religious EducationAll of our learning is underpinned by our Catholic Faith. Our first topic is ‘Myself’.  The children will know and understand the importance of their name and that God knows and loves them.  Our second topic is ‘Welcome’ which is all about Baptism.

Reading- We all know how important reading is as a life skill and during this year the children will have a lot to learn. We will be teaching phonics every day at school. Reading books that are sent home will be changed over on Mondays. Children will be given two books for the week. Please write a short comment in the reading diary so we know the child has read. Please remember to send in your child’s book bag everyday as we may listen to them read as well as sending out letters. 


We will give out homework on Thursday for it to come back to school completed on Wednesday.

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