Class 3 - Mrs Flynn

Class 3 - Mrs Flynn

Welcome to Our Lady's Class 3 page, where we aim to become missionaries of Jesus through our actions, relationships and spiritual opportunities. We work hard as a team to create a compassionate learning environment that encourages respect for everyone in our classroom so each child feels valued. In class our children are encouraged to reach their potential and develop resilience to face new learning challenges each day. We are lucky to have the support of our teaching assistant Mrs Hand to help the children on their learning journey. We love to learn through our broad, adventurous curriculum which aims to ignite our children's curiosity. We learn to love one another by embracing difference and celebrating the success of positive relationships. If you would like to take a look at our current learning, please visit our class blog.

  • Advent 1   - How did Greece develop the Western World?

In literacy, we will be learning all about Greek myths and legends. We will begin by learning about the story of Thesus and the Minotaur. We will then work on innovating and eventually inventing our own myth!  We will be investigating new ambitious vocabulary in our class text, Here Comes Hercules!

In Maths, we will be reading and writing 3 digit numbers and understanding hundreds, tens and ones using place value. Please continue to support your child to tell the time.

Class 3 will be undertaking the role of archaeologists to uncover the influence of the many philosophers  and scientists from Ancient Greece. We will examine various sources of evidence from that time and learn about how Greek society shaped our society today. 

Science will begin with a biology focus by investigating the skeletal structure of humans and animals linking this with the importance of maintaining a healthy diet.

Our first RE topic this term is based on homes and family. We will explore what makes a house a home and discuss the importance of family life. The children will learn to describe and retell stories from the bible and begin to make links and give reasons

Children will receive one piece of homework and a set of spellings every Friday. Homework is due in the following Wednesday and spellings are tested every Friday. It is important that your child continues to practice their times tables. In Year 3, children need to know the related division facts e.g 4x2 = 8 therefore 8 ÷ 2 = 4.

Please encourage your child to read regularly, around 20 minutes every night if possible, and record it in their dairy. You can support your child's comprehension skills further by supporting them to use a dictionary to find out the meanings of new vocabulary.

To ensure every child is working at the expected standard, we have a non-negotiables list of skills which the children will be working towards. If your child is on the SEN register, you will have been given other target sheets to use instead. It would be helpful if you supported your child with these skills at home.

Please click the download below to find the Year 3 curriculum overview, daily time table and non-negotiables targets.

If you would like to take a look at our current learning,  please visit our class blog here

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