Class 2 - Mrs Sturrock

Class 2 - Mrs Sturrock

Welcome to Class 2's page. We have a fun and exciting curriculum planned for this year. We enjoy being creative and encourage independence. We love helping the children to learn about the world around us and enjoy off-site visits and welcome visitors, helping the children to be aspirational in gaining a deeper and long lasting understanding through first hand experiences. We have an amazing team of people to help us in Class 2 - Mrs Fedyszyn, Mrs Bell, Mrs Herbert and Mrs House. The children are encouraged to have aspirational expectations for themselves, striving hard to fulfil their true potential! Like each and every year, this year is set to be a busy one. Keep checking the school website and our class blog for newsletters and updates on our latest adventures! Mrs Fedyszyn puts fantastic effort into keeping our blog up to date - take a moment each week to have a peek!

Wow - 2020.  And we start the new year off with a visit from Partake Theatre who are helping us to walk our way through the story of the Great Fire of London.  How did it start?  Who was to blame?  Could it have been prevented?  Let's delve into the historical sources to make our own minds up!!

Parents - How can you help?  Regular reading with your child and having a discussion about what they read is invaluable - keep it lighthearted and fun.  You are warmly invited to share a story or a bit of poetry with Class 2 - please let one of the team know when you are free.

Remember, you are welcome to make an appointment to speak to us if you have any queries or concerns.

Our Class 2 Curriculum overview, timetable and non-negotiable expectations can be found by clicking here.  

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